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If Satellite were painters, they’d be covering canvas with the color of desperation across a topography of loneliness reaching a horizon of hope. Instead, they create songs that explore the inevitable spaces between us, and the experiences that fill them in. The longing for the one we lost, the quiet power of sex, the sting of jealousy and dreams unrealized all weave their way through these melodies. "Satellite", the band’s self titled album, and their most recent offering, the "Falling Airplanes" EP make their music available to a world-wide audience who may not have had the chance to catch their northern California live performances. Gordon Hanley’s sometimes gentle, sometimes trenchant vocals, deliver the soaring melodies sought by the music. The albums are anchored by Zach Dubin’s graceful, yet conversational guitar playing; his focused lines conveying the texture of each story. The potent fabric of John Takanikos’ keyboards and the rhythmic mantras found in the drumming of Dustin Ryan complete the music of yearning, introspective statements, each song exposing a thoughtfully penned diary page. As natives of Sacramento, California, the members were brought together by common experiences in other bands such as Orisha, Brother, and Killing Buddha. Their sounds are akin to Coldplay, Radiohead, Keane, and Deathcab for Cutie. Satellite creates an emotional tapestry available for the listener to wrap themselves in, exposing dark corners and shining a light on spaces that might otherwise go unexplored.