Gordon Hanley has one of the lovliest voices to be heard in town...” - Jerry Perry

— Alive & Kicking

After a seemingly endless summer and fall, winter finally has come to Sacramento. The rain roars against windows and pavement, cleans out the gutters of debris and washes away the grime of the city once again. A few smokers huddle under an apartment awning. Down the street, a high, beautiful voice filters out into the night. It is the perfect night for such a voice: sweet, quiet, emotive and lyrical, a voice that practically calls out for rain, for quiet moments, for introspection. Last weekend, the owner of this voice, Gordon Hanley... performed to a silent, adoring audience at Luna's Cafe... Relying heavily on a beautiful falsetto and soaring melodies, Hanley's songs are slow, gorgeous compositions...” - Christian Kiefer

— Sacramento News & Review